Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 16

You ever see the original ending of Dodgeball? If so, you saw the end of the Syracuse/Asheville game.

There were a few questionable calls toward the end, but really the underdog just lost to a more complete team.

Getting toward the end of this session of games. The worst part of working through today would be coming home at 5:30, rushing to turn on the TV and watch some action, and then having to wait 50 minutes for the next game to start. 

Streaming on the NCAA site has this cool feature this year where they won't let you switch and watch another game if there a commercial is airing in your browser window. Maybe this is only a feature enabled for those of us who used a free code to avoid the $4 charge, but probably not. Just a very good organization that everyone loves with a very cool logo that we all get to enjoy at every midcourt of every game site.

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