Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 19

Peeled some potatoes and mashed them and ate them. Sweets only from here forward, folks.

VCU is the opposite of Wisconsin; they're so chaotic it's hard to tell who their good players are, or if their coach is a genius or just out of more traditional options. Hopefully Wichita State can hit some threes and get the pace more to their advantage. They are down 9 at halftime.

I picked Kevin Jones for my fantasy team, and picked Cinci to lose in the first round of my bracket. I failed to remember that the reason Cinci always drops out early is because Bob Huggins USED to coach them, and he now coaches West Virginia (and Jones), and I am a big idiot because Gonzaga is beating WV by 18. I could have 3 of my 8 fantasy players gone before the first full day of the tourney is over. Brutal.

Baylor's neon lime uniforms continue to assault the world. It's like my TV is trying to approximate their color and failing. I assume this is what it's like when you are wearing night vision goggles when someone flips the lights on.

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