Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 14

Asheville is leading Syracuse at the half, and I'm told it's the 6th time a 16 has ever led a 1 seed at halftime. I should be excited but I have to assume it won't last. It's almost like I feel bad, because they have so much hope now, but they'll probably lose anyway?

I'm also not very excited about that summer sausage. I've tried a few brands and still haven't found a great one. Oh well. At least I've consumed 200% of my daily sodium requirement by 3:30.

Keith Hornsby plays for Asheville, and his famous dad Bruce is watching in the stands. No sign of The Range. I'm pretty sure Keith has more tattoos than Bruce.

Long Beach vs New Mexico is starting. Larry Anderson, a key Long Beach player, is going to start despite a bum knee. The coach was interviewed and said it's because if he didn't try to play, he'd regret it. Translation: Larry Anderson will probably have his leg amputated before the night is over. Lobos have to be huge favorites now.

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