Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 8

Halftime. KSU may have caught a break when Southern Miss' big guy turned his ankle on Shane Southwell's foot. Probably Shane's best play of the season; to his credit, though, he has only attempted one shot today, and yes it failed to hit the rim but the point is he isn't trying to do too much. Angel Rodriguez seems a little off - both his lobs to JHR have been slightly off. I like our chances in the second half with Samuels back on the court. His second foul was a questionable nudge while KSU was pressing, so I'm hopeful he can stay out of trouble.

Colorado State is now down 8. They missed some gimmes toward the end of the first half, and seem to be cooling off from 3 and getting turned over more in the 2nd half. Murray State should win; still, they remind me of a rec league team with a ton of talent that cross themselves up when trying to do too many fancy things. If anybody should know about guys with more talent foolishly screwing up plays for the sake of style, it's the guy who often played against guys from K-State's black student union Saturday mornings at the rec.

Davidson/Louisville just started. I suppose I will write off the Rams and pay attention to Louisville's terrible new unis instead.

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