Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 23

iPhone Siri commercial just aired for the four billionth time. You know, the one where the couple drive from New York City (get a rope) to California? And they ask Siri so many things, including, "What does Orion look like?"

ORION? The constellation that EVERYONE knows? I would argue it is even easier to find than the other constellation even children can pinpoint, the Big Dipper.

I switched away from Iowa State/UConn to see why Colorado was leading UNLV, and now I see UConn is only down 6 with 7 minutes left. Hubris, Cyclones! You should have watched Moby Dick or Jaws last night to get in the right mindset instead of Rudy or Chariots of Fire or whatever.

Sometimes I look at Colorado and think, "Hey, it's that hippie college from the Big XII North that's pretty harmless! Go those guys!" before remembering they are in another conference now, still suck, and still pick fights with cops.


Nicolas Frisby said...

The worst part about the Siri commercial is the end.

  "Remind me to do this again."

ACK. I'm pretty sure it will make an event on her calendar or to do list saying "this again". Barf, Apple. Barf.

Not to mention the phone will probably immediately ask, "When?"

dn said...

The only acceptable reason to ask Siri to remind you to do something like that would be having a Memento brain.